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«A book that supposes a very successful milestone for the WiWiW international research program.»


Who is who in the internet world?  

The book How we create the internet, represents the oportunity to share the results of nearly two decades of research within the WiWiW program, which has been active since 1994, but openly launched since 2002 when Vint Cerf invites Andreu Veà to follow his research at Stanford (California). This book is the result of this international program which has conducted a long term field research.

What's the WiWiW program?

logo-wiwiwDuring years, Andreu Veà and his team have been interviewing to the Internet pioneers all around the world, to capture their first hand oppinions and motivations that lead them to invent the Internet. Imagine that we now had Thomas Alva Edison's or Alexander Graham Bell's own voices explaining why and how they invented the bulb or the telephone. This is basically what from within WiWiW we are doing with Internet pioneers.

We all use email, but not many know that Ray Tomlinson was who invented it in 1971. And tell me a better legacy for the future that his own recorded voice explaining how he did that.

Metodologia entrevistas


Writing the internet history

Everyone has probably used an Ethernet local area networks (college, work, etc ...) without imagining all the stories behind their creation. As part of the WiWiW program we have also interviewed to the persons who invented the Web, Wikipedia, or the TCP/IP (the model that allows Internet communication) coinventor, Vint Cerf, who also made ​​a fantastic book foreword.

In short, the book includes interviews with some of the most important people in the history of the Internet, but this does not end here, as the WiWiW program is going around the world to interview at least one of the "internet fathers" of each country. One country at a time. And so keep writing the history of the Internet in each country.

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