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«For the first and last time ever: the origins of the Internet, directly told by its creators!»

This is a book for the curious. It is not a strict compendium of history. You'll find an entertaining story made up of many little personal stories. It is the result of a patient and long journey.

With a novelistic tone that avoids unnecessary technicalities.

Systematically and for nearly two decades, the author has moved to live very close to all major creators of the Internet (SRI, UCLA, Stanford and PARC in California; MIT, Harvard and BBN in Boston, and the Pentagon in Washington) and they have shared with him what was unknown to many up until now. His unusual dual condition, senior Internet engineer and post doctorate fellow in the history of science and technology at Stanford, has permitted him to create a very unique work, filled with anecdotes but still maintaining accuracy and with a novelistic tone that avoids unnecessary technicalities.

Most books about the origin of the Network focus on the ARPAnet early developments, but none of them is complete or provides a clear and definitive theory. There are distinct versions and visions depending on whom you're talking with. Some say that packet switching represents the birth of the Internet; others say it's the TCP; some even see telco operators and the private sector as the initiators, and others, conversely, argue that it was solely the public sector.


After interviewing dozens of individuals biased by one theory or another, what seems most likely is that the Internet has multiple origins, and that the initial pieces of this puzzle were constructed in distinct places, some privately funded and others publicly subsidized.

One of the main goals of this book is to challenge the prevailing myths and inaccuracies about the origin of the Internet that are publicly disseminated. This has required persevering field work including almost two decades of conducting personal interviews. Although more than 800 Internet pioneers are quoted, the book is based upon 300+ personal interviews, including the (peer reviewed) transcriptions of 40 of them.

Knowing the history of the Internet, globally and in Spain, allows us to understand the nature of the Net and open a window to its future development.

A reference book about internet pioneers worldwide:   DOWNLOAD a sample of each chapter.